Деяния архангела Михаила {p0021}
The deeds of archangel Michael
Since 1880 this icon has been wrongly associated with the legend about the princess Eudoxia, widow of Dmitry Donskoi, who before her death in 1407, cjmmisioned an icon of the Archangel Michael.
According to the Royal Genealogy the commisioned icon was borne three times to the bed of the sick princess (because of its huge size the icon from cathedral of archangel Michael physically coulld not be carried), after which it was installed at her bidding in the small church of Birth of Virgin where it remained [Полное собрание русских летописей. 37 томов. СПб; М., Л., 1841 - 1982. Т. 21, с. 409] evidently till modern renovation.
Moscow: Museums of Kremlin
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